1: When it comes to security, Samsung Galaxy and iPhone prioritize your protection. Discover the essential security features of both smartphones.

2: Samsung Galaxy offers Samsung Knox, a multi-layered security platform ensuring your data remains safeguarded against malicious threats.

3: Apple iPhone shines with Face ID, an advanced facial recognition system that secures your device with just a glance, making unauthorized access nearly impossible.

4: Samsung Galaxy's Secure Folder creates a private space, encrypting apps and files, providing an extra layer of security for your sensitive information.

5: iPhone's iOS ensures regular security updates, protecting your device from vulnerabilities and keeping you safe from potential cyberattacks.

6: Samsung Galaxy's biometric authentication options like fingerprint scanning and iris recognition offer convenient yet robust security measures to keep your phone safe.

7: Apple iPhone's stringent app review process guarantees that all apps available on the App Store go through rigorous quality and security checks before reaching your device.

8: Samsung Galaxy utilizes real-time virus scanning and protection with Play Protect, identifying and removing malware and harmful apps from your device promptly.