1: Sparkly Sip & Guess A hilarious game where guests sip a mystery drink and guess its ingredients. Cheers to a sparkling start!

2: Resolution Contest Compete in sharing the most creative New Year's resolution. Set goals and watch them turn into reality!

3: Balloon Pop Countdown Celebrate the midnight hour with a thrilling balloon pop countdown. Blast into the New Year with excitement!

4: Memory Wall Create lasting memories by having guests write their favorite New Year moments on a shared memory wall.

5: Guess the Year Test your knowledge of past New Year celebrations. Guess the correct year and become a history guru!

6: DIY Party Hats Unleash your artistic side by designing your own party hats. Add flair and style to celebrate in fashion.

7: Musical Chairs Remix Put a twist on the classic game by playing with upbeat New Year's tunes. Dance, laugh, and grab that seat!

8: The Great Photo Booth Capture the spirit of the evening with a festive photo booth. Strike poses and treasure the fun moments forever.

9: Champagne Pong Raise the stakes with Champagne Pong! Aim, shoot, and toast to the New Year with this boozy, bubbly game.