1: "Get ready for epic WWE Christmas moments! Watch Cena and Undertaker in action as they bring holiday excitement to the ring."

2: "Cena's Christmas miracle: Witness him deliver an Attitude Adjustment through a decorated table, leaving fans in awe."

3: "Undertaker's chilling gift: Experience his spine-chilling Tombstone Piledriver as he appears magically from a Christmas tree!"

4: "Cena's festive showdown: Brace yourself for an epic clash between Cena and The Rock, with Santa himself as the special referee."

5: "Undertaker's Yuletide wrath: Feel the intensity as The Deadman unleashes his devastating Hell's Gate on naughty opponents."

6: "Cena and Undertaker's tag-team brilliance: Watch them team up to deliver a double holiday surprise with their electrifying finishers."

7: "Santa's slam: Prepare for a hilarious encounter as Cena surprises Santa with an AA off the top rope, spreading Christmas cheer!"

8: "Undertaker's Christmas resurrection: Be mesmerized as The Phenom rises from a pile of presents to secure a chilling victory."