1: 1. Diamond Crypto Smartphone: A lavish masterpiece adorned with diamonds, this smartphone tops the list of most expensive gadgets priced beyond millions.

2: 2. Goldvish "Le Million" Piece Unique: A true symbol of luxury, this opulent mobile phone is crafted with 18-carat white gold and priced beyond millions.

3: 3. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose: Encrusted with precious stones, including a platinum Apple logo, this iPhone is a glamorous piece of technology beyond millions.

4: 4. Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G: A true status symbol, this opulent iPhone is embellished with 200 grams of solid 24-carat gold, pushing its price beyond millions.

5: 5. MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition: Meticulously crafted with platinum and featuring a polished Apple logo made from pure platinum, this laptop's price soars beyond millions.

6: 6. Diamond MacBook Pro: A luxurious fusion of technology and elegance, this MacBook Pro is adorned with exquisite diamonds, making it one of the most expensive gadgets beyond millions.

7: 7. MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Rig: This high-end smoking device is crafted with 24-karat gold and adorned with Swarovski crystals, reflecting its extravagant price tag beyond millions.

8: 8. Sennheiser HE 1 Headphones: Indulge in the ultimate audio experience with these extraordinary headphones, engineered with premium materials and priced beyond millions.

9: 9. Vertu Signature Cobra: A mystic phone featuring a snake-shaped design with ruby eyes, this exotic piece is one of the most exclusive and expensive gadgets beyond millions.


5 Most Expensive Gadgets of 2023: Beyond $80 Million