1: 1. Simone Biles' Unbelievable Vault Witness the sheer athleticism as Simone Biles defies gravity with an astonishing vault. A moment that left audiences in awe across the globe.

2: 2. Nadia Comaneci's Perfect 10 Relive the magic when Nadia Comaneci became the first gymnast to achieve a perfect score in Olympic history. A performance that wrote history.

3: 3. Kerri Strug's Heroic Vault Discover the legendary moment when Kerri Strug injured herself but still persevered to secure Team USA's gold medal. A display of unwavering determination.

4: 4. McKayla Maroney's "Not Impressed" Explore the iconic expression that captivated the world during the medal ceremony, embodying the pursuit of perfection in gymnastics.

5: 5. Olga Korbut's Groundbreaking Backflip Step back in time to witness Olga Korbut's revolutionary backflip on the uneven bars, forever changing the sport of gymnastics.

6: 6. Paul Hamm's Controversial Gold Delve into the controversy surrounding Paul Hamm's gold medal win, making it one of the most debated moments in Olympic gymnastics history.

7: 7. Dominique Moceanu's Beam Triumph Relish in the moment when Dominique Moceanu executed a breathtaking balance beam routine, capturing the hearts of spectators worldwide.

8: 8. Mary Lou Retton's Perfect 10 Vault Experience the sheer perfection as Mary Lou Retton achieved a perfect score in her victorious vault, etching her name in Olympic folklore.

9: 9. The Magnificent Seven's Team Gold Celebrate the united strength of the "Magnificent Seven" - the 1996 US women's gymnastics team - as they clinched an unforgettable team gold medal.