1: 1. "The Crown: A gripping portrayal of the British monarchy's triumphs and trials."

2: 2. "Victoria: Step into the fascinating reign of Queen Victoria, filled with political intrigue."

3: 3. "Reign: Delve into the scandalous lives of French royals in this captivating period drama."

4: 4. "Versailles: Experience the splendor and decadence of the French court under Louis XIV."

5: 5. "The Tudors: Uncover the captivating reign of King Henry VIII, filled with love and betrayal."

6: 6. "Downton Abbey: Witness the lives of the Crawley family and their servants during a transformative era."

7: 7. "Wolf Hall: Follow the political machinations of Thomas Cromwell in the Tudor court."

8: 8. "The White Queen: Explore the Wars of the Roses and the women who shaped British history."