1: 1. Simone Biles amazed the world with her daring Yurchenko double pike, revolutionizing vaulting forever.

2: 2. Simone's gravity-defying triple-double on floor left audiences in awe, pushing the boundaries of gymnastics.

3: 3. With her impeccable technique, Simone became the first woman to perform a double-double dismount on beam.

4: 4. The Biles II, a mind-boggling double layout half-out, bears her name and showcases her unparalleled skills.

5: 5. Simone's incredible Amanar vault, with two and a half twists, set new standards and inspired future gymnasts.

6: 6. Her signature move, the Biles, an extraordinary double layout with a half twist, changed floor routines forever.

7: 7. Simone's fierce determination and execution of the triple-twisting double tuck cemented her status as a legend.

8: 8. By nailing the historic Yurchenko double pike, Simone displayed her commitment to pushing gymnastics boundaries.

9: 9. With her unmatched power, Simone's Cheng vault, featuring a half twist onto the vault table, defied expectations.