1: "The Disqualification of Ben Johnson" Ben Johnson's doping scandal at the 1988 Olympics shocked the world; his gold medal in the men's 100m sprint was revoked due to a positive drug test.

2: "1904 Marathon: A Bizarre Turn" The 1904 Olympic marathon saw controversy as leading runners consumed toxic substances, took shortcuts, and one even hitched a ride in a vehicle.

3: "Figure Skating Scandal: Salt Lake City 2002" Pair figure skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics was marred by a judging controversy where the French judge admitted to a biased decision, tarnishing the sport's integrity.

4: "Men's Basketball: Munich 1972" The 1972 Olympic men's basketball final between the United States and the Soviet Union ended controversially due to a disputed second-remaining timeout, ultimately granting the Soviets victory.

5: "South Korea vs. Italy: Seoul 1988" South Korea's victory over Italy in the quarterfinals of the 1988 Olympic football tournament was questioned due to biased refereeing, leading to Italian protests and match replay.

6: "Michelle Smith's Performance Enhancing Drugs" Irish swimmer Michelle Smith's remarkable achievements in the pool at the 1996 Olympics were shrouded in controversy, with suspicions of doping triggering investigations.

7: "Sebastian Coe's Shoe Controversy" At the 1984 Olympics, Sebastian Coe's running shoes sparked controversy, leading to accusations of rule violations for their aerodynamic design. Coe's records were upheld, but the debate remained.

8: "Salt Lake City Bribery Scandal" The 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City faced controversy when it was revealed that officials had received bribes during the selection process, resulting in reforms for future host cities.