1: 1. NASA App - Stay updated with the latest solar eclipse events and watch live streams from various perspectives.

2: 2. Solar Eclipse Timer - Get precise timings, visibility maps, and alerts for upcoming solar eclipses near you.

3: 3. Eclipse Safari - Explore interactive maps, weather forecasts, and photography tips for capturing stunning eclipse moments.

4: 4. Time and Date - Find a comprehensive list of past, present, and future solar eclipses worldwide with detailed information.

5: 5. Solar Eclipse Calculator - Predict when and where future solar eclipses will occur and plan your viewing accordingly.

6: 6. Slooh - Join live broadcasts of solar eclipses with expert commentary, telescopic views, and engaging discussions.

7: 7. Eclipse2017.org - Discover useful resources, including maps, safety guidelines, and eclipse photography techniques.

8: 8. Virtual Telescope - Witness virtual solar eclipses through high-definition telescopic images and educational insights.

9: 9. Time.is - Find accurate timings for solar eclipses across the globe and synchronize your viewing plans with precision.