1: "9. Christmas with the Kranks" A mediocre holiday comedy, lacking festive charm and genuine laughs. Tim Allen's attempt falls flat.

2: "8. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause" A disappointing sequel with a convoluted plot, failing to capture the magic of its predecessors.

3: "7. Christmas with the Andersons" While Tim Allen's cameo brings some laughs, this low-budget film fails to stand out among better holiday flicks.

4: "6. Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause" A predictable sequel, relying heavily on clichés, and lacking the heart of the original.

5: "5. Christmas at the Claus House" A heartwarming tale of love and second chances, where Tim Allen's performance shines in a festive setting.

6: "4. The Santa Clause" An endearing classic that introduces us to Tim Allen's portrayal of Santa, blending humor and holiday spirit.

7: "3. Chaos at the North Pole" A delightful family comedy showcasing Tim Allen's comedic timings and delivering laughs for all ages.

8: "2. Deck the Halls" An underrated gem, as Tim Allen and Danny DeVito's hilarious rivalry adds spice to the Christmas season.