1: David Long Jr: Packers' Newest DB Meet David Long Jr, the Packers' latest defensive back addition. Learn about his journey and why he's aiming to call Green Bay home in this exclusive story.

2: From the Start: David Long Jr Discover how David Long Jr's early football experiences shaped him into the formidable defensive back that caught the Packers' attention. Green Bay warmly welcomes him.

3: The Packers' Defensive Boost With the arrival of David Long Jr, the Packers defense gains a fresh dynamism. Get the inside scoop on how this talented DB plans to contribute to the team's success.

4: Aiming High: David Long Jr's Goals David Long Jr shares his aspirations for his time in Green Bay. Explore his journey and his determination to bring his best to the Packers' secondary.

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9: The Green Bay Legend Continues With David Long Jr joining the Packers, the legacy of legendary players in Green Bay continues. Discover how this newest defensive back is ready to make his mark.