1: Following the crowd incident from last season, Olivia Dunne prioritizes safety and now travels with a security guard during LSU events.

2: Discover why Olivia Dunne's decision to have a security guard accompanying her at LSU events sheds light on athlete safety concerns.

3: Olivia Dunne's secure travel arrangements, including a security guard, demonstrate LSU's commitment to athletes' well-being after the crowd incident.

4: LSU's response to the crowd incident involves heightened security measures, ensuring Olivia Dunne's safety with the presence of a personal security guard.

5: Learn how Olivia Dunne's experience from the crowd incident prompted her to take extra precautions by having a security guard accompany her at LSU events.

6: Enhancing athlete protection in the wake of the crowd incident, LSU supports Olivia Dunne by providing a dedicated security guard during her engagements.

7: Olivia Dunne's decision to travel with a security guard at LSU events portrays the growing significance of safety measures for athletes in crowd-filled environments.

8: LSU's proactive approach to athlete safety is evident as Olivia Dunne now attends events with a personal security guard following the crowd incident.