1: "Olivia Dunne, inspired by last season's crowd incident, now journeys with added protection and a security guard by her side." Caption for

2: "After experiencing an unsettling moment among the masses last season, Olivia Dunne prioritizes her safety and includes a security companion while touring with LSU." Caption for

3: "For Olivia Dunne, the crowd incident from recent times prompts necessary precautions; hence, she embraces safer avenues and remains accompanied by a security guard during interactions at LSU." Caption for

4: "In light of a previous unsettling occurrence amidst spectators, Olivia Dunne exercises caution and opts for the presence of a security guard to ensure her safety while participating in LSU events." Caption for

5: "Olivia Dunne's concern over personal security takes shape after an incident involving the crowd; now, always accompanied by a security guard, she tours alongside LSU to maintain a protected environment." Caption for

6: "Reflecting on a past crowd-related incident, Olivia Dunne emphasizes the importance of safety by enlisting a security guard to provide a shield of protection during her engagements with LSU." Caption for

7: "After a distressing incident occurred among the crowd, Olivia Dunne avails herself of extra security measures by journeying with a personal guard while representing LSU." Caption for

8: "Recognizing the significance of personal safety, Olivia Dunne takes no chances post a crowd incident last season, ensuring her peace of mind with a dedicated security guard accompanying her throughout LSU." Caption for

9: "Olivia Dunne's safety becomes a top priority, prompted by an unsettling crowd occurrence; now equipped with added protection, she travels alongside LSU events with a dedicated security guard."