1: 1. Start your Marvel movie marathon with "Iron Man." Follow Tony Stark's journey as he becomes the iconic Iron Man superhero.

2: 2. Continue with "The Incredible Hulk," witnessing the incredible transformation of scientist Bruce Banner into the green, rage-driven Hulk.

3: 3. Next, delve into "Iron Man 2" as Tony Stark faces new challenges, including the villainous Whiplash and the enigmatic Black Widow.

4: 4. Witness the rise of Thor, the God of Thunder, in "Thor," as he battles to save his home realm and discovers his true worthiness.

5: 5. Prepare for an intergalactic adventure as you watch "Captain America: The First Avenger," where Steve Rogers becomes the iconic Captain America.

6: 6. Explore the Avengers' origins with "The Avengers," assembling Earth's mightiest heroes to defend against Loki and his alien invasion.

7: 7. Enter the cosmic realm with "Guardians of the Galaxy," where a ragtag team of misfits must band together to protect the galaxy from destruction.

8: 8. Witness the Avengers' epic clash with Ultron in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," as they face an artificial intelligence hell-bent on human extinction.