1: Robert Saleh, the Jets' coach, knows that Zach Wilson has an incredible potential. To succeed, the rookie QB must strike a balance between heroics and consistency.

2: Zach Wilson, be bold but smart. Embrace the excitement, but remember the power of steady play. Robert Saleh's guidance will help you find the sweet spot.

3: Don't underestimate the "boring ball." It's the foundation of success. Robert Saleh is urging Zach Wilson to find thrill in steady progress for long-term victories.

4: Hero ball can dazzle, but it's not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Robert Saleh reminds Zach Wilson that precision, patience, and calculated risks lead to true triumph.

5: Balance is key for Zach Wilson—embrace the challenge of heroics without forsaking consistent, methodical plays. Robert Saleh's wisdom will guide you to greatness.

6: Robert Saleh is teasing Zach Wilson with a reminder: even the heroes need a game plan. Strive for electrifying moments, while respecting the importance of structure.

7: Robert Saleh's message to Zach Wilson? Harness the excitement of hero ball, but temper it with the foundation of consistency. Find the perfect blend for victory.

8: Zach Wilson, don't forget that heroics alone won't win games. Robert Saleh urges you to embrace the "boring ball" when needed, for it lays the groundwork for triumph.

9: In the quest for success, Zach Wilson must master both sides: hero ball and boring ball. Trust Robert Saleh's guidance and create a dynamic equilibrium on the field.