1: August 21, 2017 - The Great American Eclipse mesmerized millions with its path of totality that stretched from Oregon to South Carolina.

2: April 8, 2024 - Mark your calendars! The next total solar eclipse will occur, crossing the United States from Texas to Maine.

3: 1979 - The last total solar eclipse visible from the contiguous United States occurred; it swept through the Pacific Northwest.

4: 2023 - Don't miss the annular solar eclipse on March 14, when the Moon will align perfectly with the Sun, forming a "ring of fire."

5: August 12, 2045 - Set your sights on the Solar Eclipse of the Century, as it will offer the longest duration of totality in the United States.

6: 1806 - The first documented total solar eclipse viewed in the United States took place, impressing early American pioneers.

7: 2035 - A hybrid solar eclipse is expected. This captivating event showcases characteristics of both total and annular eclipses.

8: June 25, 2522 - Mark your calendars for a rare total solar eclipse that will sweep across the United States from Alaska to Maine.