1: The Cancelled Spinoff Suits' year-old spinoff faced cancellation due to its inability to address the core issues effectively.

2: Lack of a Strong Narrative The cancelled Suits spinoff failed to establish a compelling storyline, leaving viewers unengaged.

3: Weak Character Development One of the biggest problems with the new show was the lack of well-developed and relatable characters.

4: Misaligned Plot Structure The year-old cancelled spinoff suffered from a disjointed plot structure, confusing viewers throughout.

5: Inconsistent Writing Quality The new show's widely fluctuating writing quality hindered its ability to maintain viewers' interest.

6: Mismatched Tone and Theme One of the major flaws of the cancelled spinoff was the inability to maintain a consistent tone and theme.

7: Missed Opportunities for Innovation The new show failed to capitalize on opportunities for fresh storytelling, leading to its untimely cancellation.

8: Lackluster Reception Due to its inherent flaws, the Suits spinoff received underwhelming reviews from both critics and viewers.