1: 1. "Pilot" Harvey Specter, a brilliant closer, hires Mike Ross, a talented college dropout, sparking an exhilarating dynamic that kickstarts the gripping drama.

2: 2. "Rewind" Mike's secret threatens to unravel as Harvey and Mike work tirelessly to navigate a treacherous deal, showcasing their remarkable camaraderie.

3: 3. "Break Point" Facing monumental pressure, Harvey and Mike must conquer old demons while handling a high-profile lawsuit that could reshape the firm's future.

4: 4. "War" Emotions run high as Harvey and Mike face off in a heated battle against a formidable opponent, putting their loyalty to the ultimate test.

5: 5. "Punches" With personal relationships strained, Harvey and Mike must join forces and think strategically in order to prevail in a risky power struggle.

6: 6. "Undefeated" Harvey's unwavering determination fuels an intense fight to protect the firm's reputation, forcing everyone to confront their own vulnerabilities.

7: 7. "Bad Faith" Mike's loyalty to Harvey is questioned when his past catches up with him, jeopardizing their firm and risking their entire future together.

8: 8. "Intent" Betrayal and revelations force Harvey and Mike to make difficult decisions, forever altering the course of their careers and friendship.

9: 9. "Character and Fitness" In this final chapter, Harvey and Mike face the consequences of their choices, grappling with personal growth and the legacy they leave behind.