1: "Harvey Specter, Mike Ross & Donna Paulsen – Classic team badassery, they deserve their own spinoff!"

2: "Jessica Pearson – Elegant, powerful & graceful, she would bring a whole new dynamic to a spinoff."

3: "Louis Litt – Eccentricity at its best, a spinoff with Louis would guarantee laughs and drama."

4: "Rachel Zane – Intelligent & determined, she would be the perfect role model in a spinoff show."

5: "Katrina Bennett – Ambitious & fierce, her growth deserves further exploration in a spinoff."

6: "Brian Altman – A brilliant legal mind, his character development could shine in a spinoff."

7: "Daniel Hardman – The ultimate villain, he could wreak havoc and create thrilling drama in a spinoff."

8: "Robert Zane – A formidable lawyer with a complicated backstory, a spinoff would unearth more of his secrets."

9: "Gretchen Bodinski – Loyal & sassy, a spinoff could showcase her as a lead character with her own unique story."