1: "Burn stubborn belly fat with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises."

2: "Strengthen your core while melting belly fat with bicycle crunches."

3: "Lose belly fat effectively with planks, a great exercise for core engagement."

4: "Engage your entire midsection with Russian twists: a fantastic workout for melting belly fat."

5: "Try mountain climbers, a dynamic exercise that targets your abs and burns belly fat."

6: "Jumpstart fat loss by incorporating burpees into your workout routine."

7: "Melt away belly fat with leg raises, a simple yet effective exercise for your abs."

8: "Increase your heart rate and burn belly fat with jumping jacks."

9: "Combine aerobic and abdominal exercises with the powerful workout of running to help trim your midsection." Note: While these descriptions may be within the 35-word limit, they should be further expanded for better clarity and context, if required.